War Of Asses

Released at: February 4, 2014 by Roman Video
Two Gorgeous Extremely Dominant Mistresses FIGHT OVER THE SLAVE'S TONGUE and face and bounce his head back and forth between their pussies and asses like a ping pong ball! We've never seen anything like this! Introducing extremely hot and dominant Mistress Karina Kay and our best facesitter of all time Sandra Romaine who destroy the slave's face and use his tongue and face to pleasure themselves. We've seen hundreds of facesitting videos and made a ton ourselves but this one blows ALL of them away! Incredible Chemistry between the models combined with THE HOTTEST ASS RIMMING AND WORSHIP and great camera work make this video an ABSOLUTE COLLECTORS ITEM! Karina and Sandra begin by making their slave worship their asses but they quicklyundress and pounce up and down on his face making him stick his tongue out so they can ride it up and down. Listen and watch them moan and groan with pleasure as they shove his tongue deep into their assholes! Double facesitting and full weight face riding! The competition heats up after a few moments and they actually begin to FIGHT OVER WHO GETS TO USE HIS TONGUE FOR THEIR ASSES AND PUSSIES! They begin pushing each other off his face fighting and saying "Get off him! It's MY TURN BITCH" and literally throw one another off his face to shove his tongue deep into their pussies and assholes. There are no words on earth to describe the natural dominance these two beauties as they ride his face and moan and groan as he licks their asses and pussies! They DOUBLE FACESIT HIM IN A DOUBLE DECKER POSITION. Watch them stack themselves on top of each other on top of the slave grinding their pussies and asses together! Next they TIT SMOTHER him shoving his face deep into their tits smothering him with the nicest NATURAL PAIR OF TITS we've seen in a long time. After that its back to double facesitting in a very interesting position. They side saddle his face and bounce up and down on it while he keeps his tongue out! They also get into doggy style position and make him worship their asses! They crush his head between their pussies as they scissor his face with their pussies on both sides of it pulling each other together to increase the pressure! After a few minutes they begin fighting over his tongue again passing it back and forth between their pussies! Finally, in a great Point of View position you get to look up at these two beauties as they spread their ass cheeks right in your face commanding you to worship and lick their asses! **FULL WEIGHT NUDE FACESITTING! AGGRESSIVE DOMINANT FACERIDING AND ASS WORSHIP! PURE ANIMAL AGGRESSION AND PASSION!!**

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