We Go Deep 2

Released at: May 3, 2000 by Pleasure Productions
With 14 Very Oral Girls! Open Wide, 'cause here we cum again wit' some of the most orally fixated fine ass honeys that lick lap and go deep on hard vein poppin', pulsating, big cocks until they get their just rewards of creamy white hot Nuttbatter all over their wanton mouths and beautiful faces, lovin' every drop. Enjoy and keep watchin...Peace. Sean Michaels has his own ways of making films, and this extends even to blowjob tapes. Instead of the usual anonymous girl getting on her knees, Sean is likely to start in a wading pool, where Cherry Mirage and Envy display, side by side, their two-handed power backhand grip with Sean (and a single handed approach for Santino Lee). Ms. Romanov looks a lot more like Elena than she does the supposed missing Russian princess, who is surely dead by now. And even if she were alive, she'd never give head like her new namesake. Jade gets to do Norman Bates, a guy from Philly who very much looks the part of a motel clerk. The scene is not done in a shower stall, so everyone is safe. BJ of the year scene goes to Bobbi Bliss, who is simply astonishing. She also makes strange gargling sounds (but so would you), and puts out thick ropes of saliva, like Anastasia Blue (who is definitely not a member of any Russian Royal Family, unless they've degenerated to having to live in Texas and turn out Candy Kickers who get to fuck Sean Michaels in a BJ tape).

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