Wet Tobacco

Released at: August 3, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
We see Annie, the Headmaster's assistant, enter the room. She takes a packet of white powder from her bra, dumps it into a glass of water and stirs it around with a pen. Then she dips a cigarette into the water. Afterward, she tidies up, takes the glass, and leaves the room. The lone cigarette in the pack remains. Next we see the Headmaster enter the room. He's on the phone and preoccupied when he picks up the cigarette pack lying on the table. As he talks he smokes. Suddenly he begins coughing uncontrollably. Annie has been a bad girl. She lays across the coffee table in the room as the Headmaster canes her bottom. "Did she intend to kill him?" he asks her incredulously. The Headmaster canes her bare behind until large welts appear. None of her whimpering does any good.

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