White Chick Black Dick Volume 23

Released at: April 22, 2020 by Brandon Lee Harrington Productions
MILF Cameron Skye stops by and whips out her HUGE natural tits, and suddenly I feel an uncontrollable urge to put my dick in between them, and cum all over them. She obliges with a smile on her face. Mandie Maytag's man was supposed to book a couple's massage at a spa, but of course he forgot. He suggests they massage each other instead, and she says ok but also mentions that it always leads to sex...as if that's a bad thing! Deepthroat and then fucking leads to a big cum load on her ass. Our stripper for a bachelors party cancelled last minute. Seka couldn't help but over hear the details in a frustrating phone call. With almost no convincing at all, she volunteers for the job and does way more than just strip. She gets gangbanged and takes 3 rapid fire cumshots to the face.

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Seka Black