White Lingerie

Released at: April 14, 2023 by Mature British Lesbians
I'm here on the bed with my good friend Summer Angel Lee wearing our sexy ~~White Lingerie~~ and it's time to have some good old fashioned lesbian playtime and we start off sucking on each other's nipples making them nice and hard then I pull Summer's panties to one side and start rubbing her hot pussy then I slide my finger inside before rubbing her clit which made her squirt so I rubbed it again even harder and she squirted again and again then I got down between her legs and sucked all her pussy juice from her clit, my turn now and I lay back and Summer finger fucked me and licked my clit but I needed something more so I passed her my new vibrator so she could fuck me with it pushing it in deep and sucking my nipples she then suggested we adopt the scissors position so she could push it in harder and also benefit from the vibrations, next she asked if I had a double ender and guess what I had under my pillow a nice cool glass one and we were soon fucking ourselves hard with it until we both reached very satisfying orgasms. Trisha xxx

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