White Men Can't Breathe

Released at: February 4, 2014 by Roman Video
Part 1: For you HARD CORE FACESITTING fans out there, this is a very sensual and erotic video with FULL WEIGHT facesitting. If you dont believe it, CLOCK THE TIME the guy goes under her ass to the time she gets up and see how hard he is breathing! Look at the beet red color on his face and youll see this is EXTENDED full weight facesitting that is to only pleasure Mistress Tori Sinclair. Tori is a true Dominant Female who uses her new slaves face for her pleasure by bouncing up and down on it, getting aroused sensually by grinding her clit against his nose and enjoying watching him struggle for air. Tori keeps Bubbas face down until he truly is gasping for air and administers some serious smother action, starting in the bathroom by putting on makeup while she sits on Bubbas face and casually drinking a glass of wine while smothering him. After she completes the application of her makeup, she takes Bubba to the bedroom and handcuffs him for some more smothering, as she sits on his face, forward and reverse, telling him to adore, kiss and worship her ass. She lowers herself straight down onto the camera making you feel like you are the one being smothered. After numerous trips to darkness, you will become delirious just like Bubba! Tori becomes more and more aroused and decides to move Bubba to the chair and smother him until she has a powerful and intense orgasm! Part 2: Sexy newcomer Michele Raven is trying out a new slave who has to prove he can be smothered for extended periods of time. The dark haired beauty tests Bubbas limits by staying on his face for long periods of time. She handcuffs him and smothers him (forward and reverse) until he is seriously gasping for air. She moves him to different positions on the bed for FULL WEIGHT FACESITTING. She makes him worship, adore and KISS HER ASS repeatedly until she is satisfied. Great close-up camera angles put you in the movie as she talks directly into the camera and tells YOU TO KISS HER ASS! Michele then decides to use Bubbas face for her pleasure and undresses completely and smothers him on the floor and then on the couch until she CUMS ON HIS FACE with a powerful orgasm! Michele then picks up a magazine to read while she smothers him and after a few minutes of reading, decides its time to go for a ponyboy ride. She pulls out a bit and harness and begins to ride Bubba around the room until she CUMS TWICE on his back! This is one of the hottest equestrian/ponyboy scenes weve filmed yet! Hot Erotic extended ponyboy scene with Michele bouncing up and down COMING ON HIS BACK repeatedly!

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