Wild, Hot & Slutty

Released at: August 29, 2011 by Dream Girls
  • Studio: Dream Girls
  • Duration: 01:44:00
  • Production year: 2011
  • Scene count: 5
  • Cast:
Hot blonde Nadia talks about all the different kinds of sex she has had. We head to the Spring Break house to find three young coeds practicing their booty shaking skills. Nadia warms up her pussy and goes to town on a large glass dildo. Young hottie Bryanna rides around naked. What is the best thing about Spring Break? Lots of hot college girls in a Wet T Shirt contest. We find one in Key West with lots of tits and pussy for the whole crowd to see. In a nice park we find Alexis a blonde with big tits, ramming a big dildo till she cums. Petite girl Chelsea lets us watch her orgasm as she fingers herself in the car. Next we have a girl rubbing her pussy in the park. Bryanna show us what happens when you get naked in a car, some pussy playing. Finally, Nadia loosens and lubricates her asshole. Then with a helping hand she uses the dildo in her asshole.

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