Wired For Sex

Released at: December 1, 2000 by Puritan
In this day and age, at a time when technological innovations arise, become implemented, and become obsolete in the matter of a heartbeat, it's important for a successful business to be able to pin its finger, so to speak, on the pulse of the consumer, thereby obviating the complete reliance on the newest technologies. This is precisely why Puritan, maker and namesake of the hardcore Video Magazine series, is "wired for sex." Allow yourself to be swept into the future of adult entertainment in five unadulterated scenes of sumptuous pleasure!

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Scene1: 00:00:16 - 00:19:10 (18:54)

Scene2: 00:19:23 - 00:34:29 (15:06)

Scene3: 00:34:42 - 00:58:28 (23:46)

Scene4: 00:58:36 - 01:18:49 (20:13)

Scene5: 01:19:10 - 01:42:38 (23:28)