Witness, The

Released at: October 19, 2018 by California Star Productions
Susan, the unlucky witness, struggles ineffectually against her bonds, her breath coming in short gasps with the ropes biting deep into her flesh. She can hardly move - her gag prevents her from screaming - as she tries to gain her thoughts and comprehend the situation. She was supposed to take the stand today but instead she's here...! Her captors, Darlene and Charlie enter the room. Susan's eyes look pleadingly at Darlene. Did she detect a glimmer of pity in Darlene's face? If only she could separate them, but what if she's left with Charlie instead of Darlene? She trembles when she thinks of his cold grey eyes and cruel hands. She feels the panic well up inside of herself. What's he going to do now? A trickle of perspiration runs down between her bare breasts and her stomach knots tighter than her bonds.

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