Workover Workout

Released at: August 28, 2011 by Fatal Femdom Movies
Domina Athena gets her daily MMA workout in as she punches and kicks her human punching bag slave. She pounds and kicks him hard until she is sweating and then relaxes for a drink. When her slave spills her cocktails she pulls him over her lap and then spanks, straps and paddles his ass and feet until he howls. After this punishment, Athena enjoys a smoke as she sits on her slave's back until she gets him up and double flogs the hell out of him. Athena pounds his back and ass and then his front getting his balls and nipples and every bit of skin in between. Finally as the sun sets Athena canes her slave until he is dancing. Athena allows him to kneel at her feet before she dismisses him for the night.

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