Written In The Stars

Released at: April 21, 2021 by All Her Luv (AllHerLuv)
2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best Screenplay 2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best Lesbian Movie Veronica (Kenna James) is making love to her lover, Jezebel (Scarlit Scandal), when her wife calls and interrupts them. Veronica's been in Los Angeles doing PR for her very first novel while her wife, Melissa (Scarlett Sage), is working hard so that Veronica can make her dreams come true. Melissa senses something is 'different' with Veronica, but Veronica assures her it's nothing more than writers' block. She peeks around the corner and sees Jezebel, waiting patiently on the bed, and she ponders how terrible it is that she should feel guilty but all she can think about is rushing her wife off the phone so she can get back to ravaging Jezebel. Her wife says, "I truly believe in you. You're the strongest woman I know. Now go and finish that book so we can celebrate!" Veronica breathes a sigh of relief, "I love you." Her unassuming wife muses, "I love you too." Kenna has taken the flight home to her wife, Scarlett. Both women have been busy with work, despite the extracurricular affair that Kenna is having back in Los Angeles. Scarlett and Kenna discuss work and it's clear that the women are on different pages, but the mundane marital arguments aren't keeping them from kissing and making up. Kenna lays in bed next to her wife and wonders if compromising your career goals is what marriage is all about. Scarlett takes off her top as she changes into her pajamas and the thought escapes her. All Kenna can think about is how gorgeous her wife is, how much she wants to touch her, to taste her, and how much she's missed her. Veronica (Kenna James) sees her lover, Jezebel (Scarlit Scandal) sitting on her wife's living room sofa. "Who are you and who the fuck let you in my house?" Jezebel tries to get her to relax, that she knows exactly what she's doing? Veronica wanted to scream, to tell her to get out. "What in the hell is she trying to do? Is she trying to break her marriage up?" Before she could open her mouth, her wife Melissa (Scarlett Sage) comes around the corner surprised and appalled by how rude Veronica is behaving. "I'm so sorry," Melissa apologizes to Jezebel, "I forgot to tell her you were coming today." Melissa introduced Jezebel, from the foundation, to Veronica, and Veronica smirks, "nice to meet you," she says coolly. She walks out the door. It wasn't until the next morning when Melissa was all alone with Jezebel. Melissa looks into the kind, soulful brown eyes of her client, and muses at how wonderful it is that they have become friends. Jezebel takes down Melissa's soft blonde hair, tightly wrapped in a bun, and the golden locks cascade over her petite shoulders. "Your hair is so beautiful, you should wear it down more often," Jezebel purrs. The sexual tension between this woman and Melissa has been so intense. Melissa knows she's married, but there's something irresistible about tasting the forbidden fruit. Could there be a sweeter fruit than Jezebel? Melissa leans in close, her eyes are locked with Jezebel's, both women are hungry to experience each other. Do you know what it feels like when the love of your life has had an affair? Your body boils, your face is flushed with heat, the little hairs stand up on the back on your neck, your breathing quickens, and oh-- the hatred and betrayal, the sadness and the loss, there is no one perfect word to explain what you feel when you are betrayed. When Melissa finds out that Veronica and Jezebel are having an affair, she completely forgets that she, herself, betrayed Veronica with Jezebel. Her life is out of control and she will do anything to feel more stable again. Melissa wants to see. She wants to see just how Veronica kissed Jezebel. She wants to punish Veronica, and she will use Jezebel to do it.

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