Wunder Woman Vs. The Mad Scientist

Released at: February 25, 2019 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman's phone rings and it is none other than the Mad Scientist! He warns of his new minion and a mysterious mind-control device, threatening the leaders of the free world. Wunder Woman simply can't stand for this, and transforms into her super heroine form, ready to take action. Aware of the location of the Mad Scientist's hideout, she makes her way there as stealthily as possible. Sneaking into the back of the house, she makes her way to the courtyard and up to the second-level balcony. She manages to get inside, and up the spiral staircase to the top level of the Mad Scientist's mansion. Once at the top, she turns around and is confronted by his newest minion! She tells him repeatedly that she doesn't want to fight him, and that he can't possibly defeat the one and only Wunder Woman, but the minion only repeats, "I do not understand..."Wunder Woman realizes that THIS minion is some sort of robot, and with only a minor scuffle manages to incapacitate him. Suddenly, who should appear but none other than the Mad Scientist himself! Wunder Woman insists that he hand over the mind control device, but HE insists on giving her a demonstration first-hand! With a click of a button, Wunder Woman is brain-blasted, and barely able to stand. The Mad Scientist keeps his finger on the button until Wunder Woman is completely brain-immobilized. The Mad Scientist's minion gets up, his real purpose, as bait, fulfilled. The Mad Scientist congratulates him on a job well done, and offers Wunder Woman as a delectable prize for his services. The minion easily picks up and carries off Wunder Woman to his lair, where she has no choice but to please him. She gives him a blowjob, and is ravished in a number of positions as the minion enjoys the fruits of his labor.

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