Released at: May 8, 2007 by Private
Sex-traordinary stunts and a host of special effects will make **X-Girls** the most talked about movie in the history of adult cinema, marking a new standard as one of Private's best movies to date. Directed by Milk, this masterpiece has the already famous cunning stunt of the flying sex scene that will get you on your knees begging for more. Priva plays the role of one of the most powerful and sexy mutants in the movie, Yoko Sunn (Detrack-Girl). This scorching sex-flick also features mind-blowing performances by Nikki Rider, Cathy Caro, Judith Fox, Tera Bond and Roxy. The X-Girls are cumming out to get the hardest dicks, and you seem to be in their way. Grab your powerful weapon and be ready to fight mutant wet pussies and demanding asses with an insatiable appetite.

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