You Can't Have Her Without Me

Released at: October 24, 2023 by Pure Taboo
Jordan (Isiah Maxwell) and his girlfriend Stacy (Madi Collins) pull up to the driveway of a house. They're there for Jordan to finally meet Nancy (Lauren Phillips), Madi's stepmom. Jordan's a bit nervous- he wants to make a good impression. Stacy is also nervous... though for a very different reason... She hints that her stepmom has a certain "test" for the boys that Stacy brings home. Ellen (Penny Barber) and her husband Walter (John Strong) are suspicious of their troublesome teen neighbor, Gina (Haley Reed). They told Gina once before that she had to stay out of trouble but it's clear that taking mercy on her by not telling her parents was the wrong move. When she gets caught, Gina begs Ellen and Walter not to tell her parents. Ellen and Walter agree, on the condition that they give her a punishment she'll NEVER forget...

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