You Want to Put It Where

Released at: March 27, 2019 by Desert Wind Studios
Ashley and her real life husband start out a pretty normal sex performance for the old man who is making a video of them. The husband has been trying to let him put his very large cock in her very tiny asshole. She has always said no, no and of course, no! The old man cameraman has played around a lot with Ashley and has seen the size of her little asshole, has licked it and even put his little finger in her ass and knows how tiny it really is. So he know that there will be no anal fucking in this video. Well, well, guess what. About half way through the fucking session, the husband, gets Ashley's asshole nice and wet and slowly shoves his large cock in that very tiny asshole. Wow, we all though she would cry out in pain but instead she push her ass up in the air and let him plunge the whole cock in her butthole. After a lot of real vocal noises coming from Ashley the hubby shoots a nice hot load on her tummy. I guess we will a lot of anal action from Ashley now. Wonder if the cameraman (the 86 year old guy) can get it hard enough to stick it in her asshole. We doubt it to tell the truth. Stay tuned

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