Young Girl Fucks Vegetables

Released at: April 12, 2008 by Cuties In Bondage
This young sweetie loves to try new things, so I bought her a bag of vegetables and other items. What she does with these will amaze you. She has a nice shaven pussy and a very slim and petite body. First she starts with a long green pepper, it's a little cold but she loves the feeling of it pressing against her and then inside her pussy. The lucky pepper goes all the in. You can tell she really enjoys herself and has fun. She shoves all into her adorable pussy including a banana, a very thick Brock worst, then 2 hot dogs at the same time, she really loves the feeling of having her pussy stretched. She then grabs the whip cream and starts rubbing it all over her body. The next item is an English cucumber, it is about 2 feet long and pretty thick, and she giggles when she sees it. For a tiny girl she can take a lot. She continues with the banana and her hand until she cums. She then plays with herself and then takes out a big green dildo. She starts ramming it in her pussy-all the way. She does the dildo in a number of positions; you won't be disappointed watching this. In between stuffing it in her pussy she sucks it-deep throat style. Even after this she was hungry for more so I helped her out. She took my cock out of my pants and gave me the blowjob of a lifetime. I think you'll agree she is very talented. The camera angle has you looking right at her as if you were getting sucked. She looks up at you as she deep throats you; this alone is such a turn on. It ends with a great facial shot.

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