Young Masochists 2

Released at: September 26, 2013 by Shadowplayers
Young Sadie Simone submits to Sybil Hawthorne. She is hogtied and whipped tied spread-eagle naked and punished with pleasurable clamps, ball-gagged, and fucked to orgasm with a strap-on. Young submissive Mandi is dominated by Ivy Thornton. She is made to stand on piercing spikes with her bare feet while being caned. Multiple clothespins are clamped to her tits and other tender spots, then wrapped in plastic wrap and whipped. She gets her ass fucked with a strap-on and must pleasure Ivy with a combination gag & dildo. Scene 1 is Sadie & Sybil demonstrate their Mistress to Slave responsibilities. Teasing with a knife against all the softest skins, wearing ball gag while being flogged on the shaved pink pussy - this is going to stiffen your bits! Hogtie & Bastinado with Sadie & Sybil is hotter than the last scene. Sadie & Sybil in Strap On opens with some breast pumping out lactate leakage. She then must please her mistress by sucking the strap-on until she gets fucked by it. Mandi on spikes, teased by Ivy Thornton are two sexy girls, one on a nail mat with her arms attached to a device in the ceiling. The game is that if she picks her feet up off the nails, she becomes caned. Sexy! The two are at it again, this time with clothes pins attached to the skin at all the most sensitive places. A ball gag is placed in her mouth so she cannot yell. Then, just when she gets used to the tension, she's put in cellophane wrap and flogged against the upright table/chair! Girls know how to please girls. That must feel so good to be cut out of all that plastic and all the clips removed. Anal Strap-on with Mandi and Ivy is sure to get your insides to ooze out through your holes. Watch as they start off kissing and rubbing their titties together then end up in doggy style, catching a thick plastic dick in the bum until she cums! Mandi and Ivy in their final scene together here with a dildo gag. She gets her fill being fucked by a strap-on-face-gag till she cums all over her face!

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