Your Choice Viewers' Wives #56

Released at: October 21, 2010 by Your Choice Productions
Summer is hot! Having stripped down to her panties and booties, she spreads her slender legs in front of the camera and fingers her shaven slit. Her nipples ripple to erection as she buzzes herself to a writhing cum-crescendo. Chunky ex-pot Charlie stuffs her face with strawberries and cream. In a surprising twist, she jams the red fruits up her enormous fleshy twat then pushes them out. The camera man gets even more excited as the fruit gets squishy and is compelled to add his man-cream to the mix. Keen to show off her new red shoes and sexy undies, Tiffany makes herself the centre-piece on a glass table. Carried away in the tides of her own ecstasy, Tiffany pees on the table. Mel and Candy are two big, horny Mancunian muff munchers. The girls enjoy a roll in the hay with their pet vibrator. Layla and Karin live in London where they love to lick in lesbian ways, especially enjoying being filmed in the act. Evey and Rob from Twickenham have only been married for a week and are eager to show the Nation their beautiful young bodies in the throes of passion. Young Victor presents his swelling to Nurse Lilly. She is also qualified to administer oral therapy to the cameraman. Horsham is the home of loving middle-aged couple Suzie and Woody. She pays wonderful attention to this cock and balls then pounds his lap like a cowgirl. Martina and Miles from Milton Keynes want to share their love with the world and what better way than to fuck fervidly on film? Super sexy cougar Lucy from Cornwall has sent for handsome toy boy Tony. Tony has the fattest cock she's ever seen, just looking at it makes her squirm uncontrollably. As Tony slowly pushes his fabulous fuck-tool inside her she cums immediately, drenching his shaft with her juices. GREAT, BIG,

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Scene1: 00:01:13 - 00:10:43 (9:30)



Scene2: 00:10:44 - 00:20:22 (9:38)

Scene3: 00:20:23 - 00:33:13 (12:50)

Scene4: 00:33:13 - 00:47:02 (13:49)


Mel, Candy

Scene5: 00:47:03 - 00:56:41 (9:38)


Karin, Layla

Scene6: 00:56:52 - 01:11:34 (14:42)


Rob, Evey

Scene7: 01:11:35 - 01:20:41 (9:06)

Scene8: 01:20:42 - 01:33:50 (13:08)


Woody, Suzie

Scene9: 01:33:51 - 01:45:14 (11:23)


Miles, Martina

Scene10: 01:45:15 - 02:01:48 (16:33)


Tony, Lucy

Scene11: 02:01:49 - 02:20:56 (19:07)


Kim, Steve, Derek

Scene12: 02:21:22 - 02:30:55 (9:33)