Your Mom Tossed My Salad #13

Released at: February 10, 2014 by Lethal Hardcore
Moms are great at many things in life, like: telling you that you are great looking even if you aren't, waking you up in time for class and cooking you breakfast, but did you know they're also great at tossing a salad? These guys, unrelated to these moms, find out just how great tossing a salad is. Holly Heart's a beautiful blonde MILF who is ready and willing to help her son's Scout Leader get his Ass Licking Badge and she even lets him pound her pink snatch too! Mahina loves her new husband until he refuses to let her lick his asshole, so she tongues his son's ass instead! Alura Jenson is a filthy fucking hooker who won't let guys date her daughter until she has tasted their sweaty assholes! Natasha Juju is a deplorable little cunt who plays Russian Roulette with Jerry's asshole until he can't take it no more! When Lucky notices her handyman Christian's butt crack, she needs to taste that working class ass!

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