Yummy Step Mom Collection 2

Released at: August 26, 2018 by Yummy Girl
Three hot Taboo Mommy/Son sex movies in one download! My Son's First Time Step Mom Sofie Marie has a deep affection for her young son Matt. She is laying on Matt's bed waiting for him to come to bed, and his smell causes her to become overwhelmed by passion. She masturbates to orgasm, then she wipes her love juices on Matt's pillow to leave her mark. Later she checks on Matt at bedtime, and she climbs in bed to rub Matt to relax. Her hands wander and Matt gets hard for the first time. Sofie guides Matt's virgin cock into her pussy and the fun begins! Matt has his mom in many ways and he cums all over Mommy's belly. Caught Jerking Stepmom Sofie Marie walked in on Son Connor Kennedy masturbating to pictures of her on the computer, and she was so understanding and sweet. She offered to help Connor with his erection, then she overpowers her virgin stepson and rides his big cock. THEN, she makes him lick her pussy clean after he creampies inside her, so Dad won't get mad! Fast Times Sofie is hanging out by the pool in her sexy red bikini when she sees her stepson Tony watching her from afar. She starts rubbing oil on herself to get Tony excited, and then calls the very shy Tony over as she unbuckles her bikini. Sofie leads Tony to the poolside bed, and she pulls down his pants and has hot sex with her stepson!

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