Zamirah Returns

Released at: February 27, 2019 by Desert Wind Studios
This hot little Latina comes back to see her favorite photographer. She wanted some more photos but the old guy said the only way he would do it if she let him tie her up after the shoot. She agreed and rest is history. He ties her up with some rope and then found out she was ticklish. After playing around with for a while she asked the old man if he had any sex toys. He did not but went into the bathroom and got an electric toothbrush. No need for sex toys now, OMG, did she enjoy that. One of the best electric toothbrush scenes you will ever see. After a beautiful climax, this cutie sucked on the old man's soft cock for a while and then she asked if he wanted to ass cheek fuck her like he did before. The old man oiled up his little cock and her cute ass and rubbed away, it did not take much to make him shoot some hot cum on her ass. He hopes she comes back for more photos.

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