Zoe And The Girls

Released at: May 22, 2012 by Bob's Videos
Zoe Britton and Samantha Ryan were my 2 surprises of this recent filming expedition! I had simply never met Zoe before, and was not told in advance that she was a smoker... and Samantha is an old friend who recently (much to my joy and surprise) began smoking... for real!!!!!! What a fabulous combination they made as we spent a magical day together and I kept them smoking as much as possible between the moments and scenes where they simply "gobbled" each other up. That content is for another film, but ~~Zoe And The Girls~~ opens with Zoe alone, smoking her cork filtered camels in black lingerie, set to drums that will cause your heart to skip a beat. Zoe knows all the tricks and especially how to melt and hypnotize with sexy smoking. Samantha Ryan follows with a relaxing break, glamorously dressed up and unaware that you're peeking as she enjoys a smoke break. She's lounging in a hotel famous for being "haunted", and maybe it's Clark Gable or Carole Lombard's ghosts making all those background noises!!?? Mackenzie Mack returns and turns up the heat several notches, both with her smoking and where she decides to place the cigarette on (or inside) her body!!!! Mack knows how to push the heat, and her smoking and masturbation are a blazing combination. The film jumps back to Zoe and Samantha as they first arrived at the photo shoot... pre-make up and dressed for the street, they arrived and just HAD to have a smoke... and so Bob just HAD to film it!!!!!! Roxxxy Rush lets you know why there is a triple X in her name, as she crawls over to you and illustrates a perfect "point of view" moments that will leave you drained and spent, as she licks her lips and smokes better and better the more she tries! Blonde beauty Carli Banks likes flip top boxes on her smokes... and also flip top panties on her bottom!!!!! Carli lets you see what a natural and committed real deal smoker she is... flirting and aglow with some absolutely gorgeous video of a stunningly pretty young girl who loves her smoking habit! And this marathon film ends with Mackenzie performing a dramatic grand finale in the smokey haze of late afternoon sunlit gold.

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