Zorra: Al Norte Del Placer

Released at: September 13, 2018 by LPSexxx Realizaciones
A group of doctors are testing volunteers to see what it is they fantasize about. They place electrodes to the volunteers head, chin and eyelids and continuously watch a bank of monitors to see what will appear. The volunteers are cut off from all external stimuli, and are restricted from masturbating. What the doctors discover is astonishing! Here are the results of this first initial exploratory phase, which has been give the name of "Fox" due to the recurrent pattern of appearance in the psyche of the volunteers. First, Agustina Peula's fantasy of receiving a hot facial comes true. Next, Cherry Rouge fantasizes about the doctor performing the tests, as well as another rman! Cherry's threeway fantasy leaves her covered in cum and panting in satisfaction. Finally, Tania Blue fantasizes about rimjobs - getting them and giving them! - and takes a hot load in her mouth after being fucked hard!

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