I Fucked The French Baguette Volume 10

Freigegeben um: 8. August 2020 von Alex Legend
Do I need to introduce Alix Lynx? She's a super sexy blonde babe with a pretty face and a big pair of tits to go with it. She's that kind of girl you almost injure your neck for when she walks down the street and passes you. Last week my camera guy hit me up saying she was around and wanted to shoot so I head over right away and we had a great time. It started with some nice foreplay until I took her to Pound Town and I made sure to give her a nice tour. ;-) we did all the positions we could think of and when I couldn't hold it any longer I dropped a big load all over her. What a great time! Becky Bandini is such a sexy MILF so when my camera man called me saying she was around today and wanting to shoot I packed my bag and headed over. Not only she looks good but she also fucks good. Don't believe me? Just watch the video and tell me it didn't change your mind. She takes it in every positions including the Superman before getting her huge tits covered with a big warm load! Bonus: Slo Mo Cumshot! Lily Lane is always a lot of fun, She's got those huge tits, that nice ass, that filthy mouth and above all that she loves dick! So When I saw her dressed like a little slut in that fishnet dress I knew exactly all the bad things I was gonna do to her. First I made her suck my big fat cock before licking her tiny pussy so it would be dripping wet for my big dick. After that I pounded her in every positions I could think of before dropping a big warm load all over her huge fake tits. What A great time! Bonus Slo Mo Cumshot at the end. Last week Elektra Rose hit me up to ask if I wanted to come over, that sounded like fun so I was there the next day. I understood quickly that she was one interested in one thing and it was to take that big cock of mine. She started blowing me and got me very motivated so she laid on her back and I started stretching her tiny little cunt. Apparently she was enjoying the stretch cause the harder I went the more she wanted it so I kept pounding her solid until I covered her face with a big warm load. Alex Legend, Harmony Marquise A couple days ago I was working at that moving company and they called me to go on a job, I was supposed to get some help but the other mover called while I was on my way to pick him up saying he wasn't feeling great and he wouldn't come to work that day. I was kinda pissed but apparently it was a small job with mostly boxes so I thought I'd do it a lone and double the tip. When I got there the girl was nice and it was a small job so I was kinda relieved. As I was a bout to start loading in the boxes she stopped me and started opening my pants, I was unsure at first but apparently she just got off the phone and someone called her boring so she wanted to prove herself she wasn't. I don't know who called but I'm glad that person did cause she wanted my dick pretty bad so I gave her to pounding she wanted. I guess it was great that my coworker called in sick given how things went down. I might try to get more of those solo jobs in the future to see if I can get lucky again.

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