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  • thanks for all of the work you do (which I CAUSE you to do); a little question though - how does one (or does only a moderator) create a "jump to new" button for a thread ?
    Thanks for the Harmony Rose ID! Those ladies from the beginning of my time in porn are getting harder and harder to remember!
    Harmony was one of the best until her retirement.
    Sorry, I don't know if my picks are from Onlyfans - I am not on the app but see them somewhere else and had no idea where they derived from.
    Thanks for the Aidra Fox "Boobies" :love:

    0023, Big Boobs,Blowjob,Brunette,Cowgirl,Cream Pie,Cumshots,Doggystyle,Facial,Interracial,Lingerie,Missionary,Pussy Eating,Reverse Cowgirl,Threesome,Vaginal
    Hi. It would have been nice if you could have removed my thread since no one can reply to it anyway. But I've looked up hotlinking and I understand why it's bad.
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    The Identifier
    The only reason I ended up closing it is cos someone went on to answer your question which I later deleted as it devalued the point I was trying to make. They used their technical know-how to get around the issue whereas the vast majority of people won't know how to do what they did but you have since posted it again in the correct manner you have the answer you were looking for so all is well in the world. :)
    By technical know-how you mean copy-pasting the link from the post? I thought everyone here knew about that. xD
    The Identifier
    The Identifier
    If that were the case mate then I wouldn't have said anything. Many would click the link and see it didn't work and then move on or tell you it doesn't work.

    Be a moderator for a few days and you'll realize how little some people know about anything. Just because something is obvious to you doesn't mean it is to everyone.
    Gives you the high five of awesomeness


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