Secret Friends Spinners

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Have you ever visited Secret Friends? If not, you're really in for a treat. SecretFriends is a live sex site with a twist. It has GAMES! SEXY games!

For those that love casino oriented games, you can spin a slot machine full of sexy girls! There's 3 different slot machines that you can play. The sexy slot, which is clothed girls in sexy clothing. Then there's the boob slot where the girls are out for all to enjoy! And finally we have the butt slot, which shows off the girls best ASSets.

When you sign up to Secret Friends, you get 5 credits that you can use to play the Secret Friends Spinners! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and give it a go!



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$10.00 for 10 token (one-time)
$25.00 for 25 token (one-time)
$50.00 for 50 token (one-time)
$75.00 for 75 token (one-time)
$100.00 for 100 token (one-time)
$150.00 for 155 token (one-time)

Payment types

Credit card

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