Anal Vision Volume 17

Uitgebracht om: 13 januari 2008 bij LBO
Adorable new girl Vixen reminds us of a young Ginger Lynn - The face, the body, and the wild enthusiasm... And she's only 20!! So when you see this little gal take it up the Gazaii you won't believe your eyes! These two inept handymen don't know much about fixing things, but they do know plumping - of the female kind - and they put their skills to work new girl Delila in an intense 3-way that leaves her drenched with their lubrication! Lydia's seen all of Tom's porno movies and wants to meet him. Max wants to meet him. Max Introduces them and Tom gives her the old rectal "up close and personal." Stopping only to perform his famous squirtsky all over her pretty smile!

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