Barefoot Confidential 50

Uitgebracht om: 23 januari 2008 bij Kick Ass Pictures
SASHA GREY IS HARDCORE Sasha Grey was so smokin' hot, we had to bring you her "footage" in two installments. In the last volume, we showcased her feet in a smoldering solo. Now watch her get pounded by Lee Stone's enormous cock while her long toes curl in orgasmic convulsions. If that wasn't enough, we also bring you a hardcore scene with big-breasted beauty Paige Taylor, an exclusive solo with real life foot freak Maria Menendez, lovely Latina Summer Verona's first foot fetish experience (in which she gets pounded by a thick cock), and a solo featuring the sexy MILF feet of Lake Russell. What a way to celebrate Barefoot Confidential's silver anniversary!

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