Perfectly Cruel

Uitgebracht om: 24 augustus 2009 bij Platinum Blue Productions
Lured by the cruel beauty of her mistress, Dana makes her way up the cold concrete stairs. Once again she finds herself at the mercy of Mistress Aradia, who awaits her slave from an above balcony. Intensity streams the walls as the eroticism thickens through each scene and you, as well, will be left breathless on more than one occasion. Get ready to be mesmerized as you become lost in the films realism of their relationship and be a part of her cruel perfections.

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Scene1: 00:00:29 - 00:46:46 (46:17)

Scene2: 00:46:48 - 00:53:42 (6:54)

Scene3: 00:53:46 - 01:05:14 (11:28)