Pick Up Babes #5

Uitgebracht om: 1 februari 2008 bij Silverstone Entertainment
Antastasia - This beautiful blonde gets her motor running with a porno magazine. a doggie-style ride with a big dicked stud shifts her into overdrive. Patricia - Long legs...angelic face...she's too much to resist! And after a doggie-style boning, she can't resist a big, spunky load. Luisa - A slow strip tease leads to a fast fuck. And this hot minx moans with pleasure. Stacy Silver - See how this sexy blonde loves having her butthole plugged. See her large, natural titties bounce as she gets screwed. Ginger - What kind of girl is she? The hungry kind, whose pussy soaks for a motorcycle bad-ass. The thirsty kind, who swallows a mouthful of cum!"

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