The Pocket Rocket

Uitgebracht om: 23 maart 2009 bij James Girls
Dee - Dee is a beautiful girl. She is half Japanese and half American and brother she got the best of both. She spent a day showing me her toys. First up was every girl's favorite.... the Pocket Rocket. Dee is very orgasmic and it didn't take Dee long to get herself off with this toy. She cut a little slit in her panties so her clit would stick up and she stated the pocket rocket right on that spot. She also has a very beautiful pussy and you will see it in extreme close up. Sadie - Sadie is the perfect "Girl Next Door". She is wholesome and is the perfect Midwest farmers' daughter. Sadie is very pleasant to talk to, and very attractive too! She is blessed with a beautiful 100% natural body. She has no tattoos. Her tits are natural D-cup and her pussy is shaved. She is one of those girls that you always wonder what they look like naked. Well here is your chance to see her naked and in action. When I interviewed her for the modeling job I ask her if she liked to masturbate and she told me that when she is home she does it a couple of times a day. She loves to masturbate in front of her boyfriend while he jerks off watching her. She loves oral sex and she swallows cum. What more could you ask for.

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