My Sexy Neha Review

My Sexy Neha6
Review: January 17, 2011
My Sexy Neha6
Review: January 17, 2011 is a website that features a very pretty real housewife named Neha Nair. Neha is Indian and performs all her naughty adventures with her real life husband. Neha shows a different side to amateur porn incorporating lots of personal touches like a very detailed biography and lots of everyday pictures such as Neha looking pretty at the store as well as the good stuff we all love like blowjobs and stripping.













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My Sexy is pretty different when it comes to adult websites. First of all, its Indian themed. And by that I actually mean India Indian, as in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Indian porn seems to be gaining lots of popularity but during my experiences in adult entertainment, I've noticed that most of this so-called Indian porn is fake. Well, the good news is that, in this case, this is actually real authentic Indian porn.

My Sexy Neha features a cute real housewife named Neha Nair whose name actually means love in her native language. Take a look at her on her free tour and you will get to see plenty of sample images and even a streaming trailer that will show sexy little Neha striping off her clothes. I appreciate Nehas body as shes not thin and not chunky, shes very average and normal in that department which is quite sexy to me. Be sure to read up on sexy Nehas very detailed and quite personal bio as it never hurts to learn about the girl you are about to, well, enjoy.

The members area keeps the same simple design as the tour has and its easy to get around with the aid simple navigation options. There is a total count of 34 image galleries with an average of around 35-40 images per gallery. Images are scaled down to around a 674x506 resolution but are actually in the 1200x900 resolution if you save them. The bad news is you have to do that one by one since there are no zipfiles.

The videos, unlike the images that are mostly pretty tame, though not all, do get significantly naughtier. There's a few naughty blowjobs and some pretty cool stripping but the downside is that they are very short. Videos run around a minute in length which just leaves you hanging. Video formats vary randomly between mostly avi but also include wmv, mpeg, and mp4 at times. They can look pretty nice around 640x480 with a bitrate of 1868kb/sec. Be sure you download all the codecs you will need for avi video as quite a few members commented they could not view the downloadable only videos and we told to download codecs to help. Divx has always worked well for me in the past.

MySexyNeha is a more personal site than most you see these days. Neha performs with her real life hubby and she seems quite genuine. This is the real deal when it comes to Indian porn so you can rest assured, this is not the fake stuff you might be used to. The lack or zipfiles is kind of a bummer since images are scaled down in-browser but the biggest fall by far are the short videos. If they can provide longer videos, this would be a much better site.