Pixel Vixens Review

Pixel Vixens7.5
Review: December 5, 2012
Pixel Vixens7.5
Review: December 5, 2012

Hot, geeky, alt, sexy, cosplay girls? Helllls yeah, that's what we have over at Pixel-Vixens.com and this is a very unique little site indeed. If you are checking this site out, you probably already like a little cosplay but this site has a unique little flavour to it. Brought to you by Noel Cypress, this little baby of hers is up and coming and there are some scenes and pics you just can't find anywhere else.













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Welcome to the naughty little world of Pixel-Vixens. Its an extremely affordable site brought to you by a very cute and totally hot sexy nerd that you may know as Noel Cypress. She is the star of Noel's Naughty Nook and the sexy boss lady of Pixel-Vixens too. Boy, I wouldn't mind working under her, if you know what I'm saying!

Bad jokes aside, Noel's got style and this little site reflects it. Check out that free tour and see what's up. From here you can preview quite a few of the cute models here. I see a great trend on the girls. Cute, young, a little alt, and totally sexy. They also love dressing up in costumes and undressing out of them too.

Nerdgasam? I do say so. Where else are you going to see a girl dressed up like Harley Quinn fuck herself with a g-spot vibe until she cums? Exactly.

The site is designed with a fancy pants flash. At first, its a bit tricky to navigate, but if you click the little 4 sided arrow icon in the image galleries, you get control over the pictures and can zoom in and out and all that. You do kind of wish you could go old school and right click and download pictures since they are so sexy, but that's not a feature at this time. Enjoy 49 galleries or so to total about 4025 images or so.

There's some videos to enjoy too. Nom. They open up around 640x480 in streaming flash. I counted 6 of them but boy, do you crave more. Quality looks pretty good and streaming is pretty smooth. You just have to check out that Harley Quinn scene. Voice acting and all. Oh, and real vag penetration! Oh, and by the way, I counted 31 sexy models so far, including Noel Cypress herself.

There's also some good news! Live cam shows have been added and are now a feature that you get for free. If you miss a liveshow, they will still be available and archived for viewing.

Amount of content: 49 galleries and 6 videos
Update frequency: once per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 640x480
Video types: flash
Photo resolution: 680x450
Available for mobile: No

Pixel-Vixens is a different and cool kind of site. Its dirt cheap and its got some nice unique content. If cosplay girls are your thing, and you want to see plenty of titties and more while you're at it, then they got your back. The content is low in numbers, but weekly updates are coming in. My only real wants are the obvious more content and a better way to enjoy those images. The flash looks nice, but it is tricky to navigate. The girls are cute and sexy and I loved checking them out.