Toon Pass Review

Toon Pass7
Review: August 6, 2013
Toon Pass7
Review: August 6, 2013

Toon Pass is an all access network that brings you three different cartoon, anime and hentai sites under one roof. The three sites included are Crazy Toon Sex, Futanari Sluts and Hentai Temple so if any of those sites look or sound to you like something you would really enjoy, then sign up with this network and you will get the chance to access the whole lot of them at the same time!













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The navigation on this site didn't make any sense to me. You can't browse the collection via the individual sites and therefore finding the relevant content for your tastes can take ages. Also, I couldn't actually find any of the content for Crazy Toon Sex or Futanari Sluts - it just all seems to fall under the banner of Hentai Temple. I've no idea what's going on there and I looked as hard as I could for those other two sites' content. The categories were great and there was some update information on show, having said that, plus there was information provided about each of the videos.

Given the nature of some of the videos here (some of them have had mainstream DVD and even cinema releases), it's not surprising that they are not available for download, even if that also happens to be quite disappointing at the same time. The videos can only be streamed in Flash Player, and they usually play at around 720x480px. There were no image galleries on the site.

So, because of the way the user interface worked (or didn't work, in this case) I'm not sure I can really fairly appraise this site on its content. certainly gets it right when it cones to content that I am presuming would mostly make up Hentai Temple and there is an excellent selection of videos to be seen here that any hentai fan would appreciate.

I was surprised to see well known (and controversial) titles like Urotsukidoji and Night Shift Nurses on this site, having said that. It is also worth pointing out the former title is extremely graphic, as are several others on the site, so be wary that you're not just getting porn - you're getting a particular brand of nasty porn that hentai has perhaps become synonymous with in some quarters!

Amount of content: 264 videos; no photo sets in network
Update frequency: 10 to 12 new videos per day
Exclusive content: No
Max video resolution: 720x480
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: Not available
Available for mobile: No

Toon is a site that I think you are going to have to check out for yourself because I don't really know if I was in possession of the full facts when I checked it out. Certainly, what is on board here is very good and well collected together but it really is one that pure hentai fans only are likely to be interested in, I would have to say.