A Gift

Released at: September 28, 2013 by Dane Jones
Every guy loves it when his girl does something special for him; whether it be cooking or something a bit more - spicy. Lingerie that just begs to be taken off and a body that just makes every cell in his body scream out with lust! Can you imagine having Ivy as your girlfriend? I would love to wake up every morning to her beautiful dreamy eyes, her sweet and pretty face, her petite, lustrous natural body. To be the person who holds her hand, to make her smile, to make her feel adored. It must be electrifying to hold this angel close, to breath her in, to feel her becoming aroused as you kiss her, and touch her. Jonny is the lucky guy to be in that position right now, so it's wonderful to watch them make love together, and to admire her stunning young beauty as she flails in orgasmic delight. Ivy really is a gift for all the men and women who can appreciate the sensual beauty in a nubile spirit enjoying the wonderful feelings and sensations of intimate sex with someone you love.

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