All Internal 9

Released at: December 31, 2008 by Jules Jordan Video - Raul Cristian
** 2010 AVN Award Winner for Best Internal Release. 2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Director - Foreign Non-Feature. 2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production. 2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Internal Series.** Chris Rolie brings the heat once again with this the ninth installment of his AVN award winning series All Internal. This is a must have DVD for all fans of this genre and features some of the most beautiful desirable and uninhibited spunk junkies in the business. These girls turn each and every scene into their own personal dick picnic with lots of cock meat sandwiches and sperm slurpees on the menu... all internal of course. Once the action gets hot it stays hot because the cruel cock mafia is a team of dedicated DP specialists who fuck and re-fuck these super sexy euro babes in every available orifice cruel is the motherfuckin' rule not try this at home.

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:32:43 (32:42)

Scene2: 00:32:44 - 01:06:44 (34:00)

Scene3: 01:06:45 - 01:38:48 (32:03)

Scene4: 01:39:49 - 02:07:06 (27:17)

Scene5: 02:07:07 - 02:39:33 (32:26)

Scene6: 02:39:34 - 03:17:35 (38:01)