Annabelle Lane

Released at: November 6, 2020 by Transational Fantasies
Could tattooed beauty Annabelle Lane be the best fuck of your life? Imagine meeting her at a bar, hitting it off, and taking her upstairs to your hotel room. Would you even be sure if there was a secret surprise resting between her soft pale thighs? The anticipation kills you...and gives you a huge boner. You can't stand up, but that's okay because Annabelle wants you to sit back and enjoy a sexy striptease. She unties her devil red camisole and your jaw drops. From her cute natural trans girl titties down to her juicy ass, she is the Goddess of your dreams. You can't help but imagine her luscious red lips wrapped around your stiff prick. But you also want to please her, so like a good boy, you drop to your knees and worship her gorgeous lady cock. You run your tongue along the ridge of her balls up to the tip of her love stick, making it red and swollen. She spreads her legs wide open and wraps her soft feet around your shoulders, pulling you in even closer. You painstakingly work your way down to her tight, pink trans girl pussy and tease it with your tongue. Once you've got it nice and wet, she turns over so that you can stick it in from behind. She squeezes her gorgeous ass cheeks around your meat as you pound into her roughly. When you ask her where she wants you to cum, she tells you inside her ass. And after you creampie her, she lies back and squeezes out a sweat treat for you to clean up with your mouth.

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