Behind The Gates of Onyx Ridge Estate Vol. 2

Released at: July 20, 2022 by EroticaX
The ladies of Onyx Ridge are convinced that Betty Behind the Gates has to be one of them. After all, the blogger knows all of their dirt. They meet to discuss the evidence and point fingers. They can't agree on who the blabbermouth is which leaves the sweet and patient Whitney Marks (Emily Willis) terribly stressed out. She turns to her husband Josh (Seth Gamble) for comfort. Little does she know, he has some secrets of his own. Ford Townsend (Charles Dera) is a dirty dog. That man is always sniffing around for some hot tail, and it's not hard for him to find it. But that doesn't mean Ford's life is easy. After all, Charlotte 'Lottie' Townsend (Silvia Sage) is an epic ballbuster. She's sick of their house being so messy and complains to Ford about the state of their place while taking a steamy bath. Mrs. Townsend is sure to get her way. Cammie Canard Thurgood (Eva Alvarez) has it all. The face! The body! The cars! The geriatric husband is literally pushing 100, and a prominent place in his will. And that's not all Miss Thing has... Cammie has her hooks in her best friend's husband, Josh Marks (Seth Gamble), and she makes sure Josh stays working under her hood. Who is Betty Behind the Gates and how does she know all the dirt? In this hot threesome featuring Sofi Ryan, Aiden Ashley, and Nathan Bronson, you'll find out the identity of our gossiping girl.

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