Best Of Karla Romano

Released at: March 27, 2010 by MSS Interactive
Karla Romano is one of the UK's most versatile porn starlets. In the Best Of Karla Romano, you'll discover her voracious appetite for all things sexual! This movie comes jam-packed with some of this buxom babe's most thrilling scenes featuring lesbian loving, group action and plenty more in a no-holes-barred all British fuck-fest. From a wet and messy lesbian encounter with fellow Brit-porn babe Angel Long to an arresting workout with filthy fuckers Lee Henshaw and Steve Hooper, Karla pushes her sexual boundaries as well as her buttons. No cock is too big for this dirty slut and no pussy too tight - she wants it all. This perfect British fuck doll has an insatiable hunger for anal, A2M, creamy facials and sweet tasting pussy and won't stop until she's had enough. Make a date with Karla Romano and this big-breasted Brit-girl will turn your filthiest dreams into a wide-awake reality!

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