Released at: May 22, 2022 by VCA
A tale of low self-esteem and high infidelity. It would seem that Carla and Justin are the ideal couple. But despite the doting attention of her loving husband, Carla finds herself yearning for something more, and looks for it in the beds of their suburban acquaintances. Her search for a moment of happiness weaves a tangled web of infidelity and betrayal, as she becomes the plaything for their circle of so-called friends: Eddie, a selfish habitual cheater; Gwen, his cold and savvy wife; and Max, the smug, woman-hating playboy. As her marriage slowly self-destructs, Carla discovers that her sexual excursions have not only left her empty-handed, but have also plunged the relationships of everyone around her into a downward spiral of inevitable ruin. Marked by realistic portrayals, dark humor, and unrelenting sexual tension, Bliss is a post-modern fairy tale whose characters live anything but happily ever after. A tour-de-force of erotic angst from Antonio Passolini, the creator of Café Flesh 2 and The Devil in Miss Jones 6.

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