Body Worship

Released at: December 8, 2020 by Lusty Lucy
Lusty Lucy starts off this video talking about you worshipping her mouth with yours, kissing all over her face and neck. She moves to her breasts, spending a long time showing you them from all angles and talking about their perfection; the roundness of them, her soft skin and her hard nipples. Next, Lucy spends some time on her belly; squeezing it, pulling up on it and showing you it from the front and side. Lucy then has you worship her big round ass and her asshole. She pulls her cheeks apart and gives you a good look while she talks about what she'd like you to do to it. She spends a little bit of time on her thick thighs before changing positions so you can worship her pretty, pink pussy and her feet, which are so soft and smooth with nicely painted toes. Finally, she tells you what she'd like you to worship while you cum for her!

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