Brand New Faces #23

Released at: January 26, 2010 by Vivid Premium
The first guarantee in the history of adult video! We find brand new girls who have never made an adult DVD and shoot them for the first time ever. It's candid, startling, and very sexy. Because it truly is their first time on film... and we guarantee it or your money back! So if you're excited about seeing how well the newbies do on film here's your opportunity to view them up close and personal with cameras trained on the parts you'd most like to penetrate.

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Scene1: 00:01:57 - 00:51:39 (49:42)


Alex Gonz

Scene2: 00:51:42 - 01:39:43 (48:01)

Scene3: 01:39:46 - 02:29:29 (49:43)

Scene4: 02:29:31 - 03:20:41 (51:10)

Scene5: 03:20:44 - 04:12:38 (51:54)