Buttman's Rio Carnival Hardcore

Released at: November 14, 2002 by Evil Angel
Sexual superstar Mayara (from my video **Anal Divas**) is partying at the big parade in Rio. I meet her and her stud boyfriend, Roge. She loves the hard pounding sex that he delivers. And she does incredible deep throat and anal! Andreia is a sexy girl Joey and I meet on the street in Rio. She's s big, strong friendly girl with and incredibly round butt! Joey has a good time. Fabio and I pick up two girls, Amanda and Lorena, as they are partying at a street carnival. This is the hardest, nastiest sex I've ever shot with Brazilians. At my favorite sex motel in Rio, Juliano screws around with Ludmylla in the parking garage; out on the balcony Joey buries his face in Michelle Dante's butt, and Bruna delivers a hot Brazilian blowjob to Fabio! Back at the good old sex motel, Joey, Fabio and Juliano bring the three lovely ladies up into the party room and the orgy begins!

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