Colette's Muscle Show

Released at: December 28, 2017 by Iron Belles
First time session with the most massive and biggest clit around . . . the legendary Colette Guimond! Touch and feel her massive 17" biceps, feel her power when trying to break free from her grasp, feel her incredible strength as she wraps her thick muscular thighs around you, . . . it's so amazing you will want to stay here forever! Colette is really enjoying her wrestling domination over her Newbie Sessionee. From behind the neck headlocks, to body scissors, to schoolboy pins, and she does not listen to his plea for Mercy, no sirree! Colette has this little evil streak in her and once she gets going . . . well watch out!!! Here is the Grande Finale for Colett'es Evil Wrestling Video . . . and what a Grande Finale it is!! She continues to barage her Newbie victim on the floor and then it's to the love seat for more varacious leg squeezing that he just needs a break from all of her massive strength and power. She then proceeds to pull out something that , yes, is just what he wanted to see . . . that Huge Muscle Clittie of hers! She has one of the biggest in the Muscle Kingdom for sure! She allows him to touch, pull on it, she then squats up and down on his face with it! Guys, this is your sure dream to die for!!!!

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