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Released at: April 1, 2020 by Spizoo
Jasmine Jae is searching for a real man, and she's found him. Unfortunately it isn't you. The best you deserve is to watch her pussy get slammed into by another man. This filthy mouthed busty British babe has the time of her life riding this cock as you watch knowing you could never satisfy her in the way that she needs. The only pleasure you can provide for her is being the cuck in the room. Attempt to touch her and get reprimanded, this sexy slut is here to fuck someone else! Norah Nova is so horny, she wants a big cock and is going to get it today for sure. Sitting on a large sofa with her legs wide open, waiting for that big cock, Nora does not waste time to put it in her mouth, licking it, sucking it and putting it to the bottom of her throat, also licks his balls, and now Nora wants to put your dick in her tight pussy, she bends exposing her pussy to receive that big cock deep inside her pussy, she sucks and licks that cock again and again from time to time, and now she stands on her back with her legs raised for this big cock to penetrate to the bottom of her pussy, then she rides his cock like a cowgirl, forward and back receiving deep penetration, to earn a creamy and hot cum in her hairy pussy, Nora Novah is one hot slut kind. My blonde slut wife Riley Reyes is so horny and wants to have the experience of being fucked by a friend while husband watches, so she is ready to have hardcore sex straight open. She shows up wearing sensual blue lingerie and is open to doing everything, Riley starts with a deep throat blowjob licking his balls and then she is penetrated by this lucky guy while posing in doggy style position to receive his hard rock dick in her hot and wet pussy. After having sex in all positions she receives a load of cum in her hairy pussy and shows her wet and fucked sex parts to the horny husband so he can smell another men's cum in her wife's pussy. Lexi Lore may look like a sweet, innocent, blonde haired teen...but she has a devious side. She gets off cucking you. You don't have what she needs sexually and she isn't going to lie to you about it. She is going to show you exactly what it is she needs while she gets pounded out by a cock that is more suitable for her. Watch her get stretched out and moan in a way you've never made her. This pretty little slut dressed in pink is ready for real satisfaction and you are going to watch.

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Norah Nova

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Lexi Lore