Different Strokes 3

Released at: May 29, 2001 by Rodney Moore
**Q: What is "Different" About This Video?** A) "Raw" means that the blow-jobs and fucking are even hotter, nastier and raunchier than you've cum to expect from The King Of Cream. B) "Uncut" means that you get to see all the action - all the stuff they don't usually let you see - with nothing edited out. C) "Raw" means that sweet and innocent amateur girls get stripped down to their most basic animal nature, revealing the hidden passion and lust within. D) "Uncut" means that most of the girls have all their pubic hair. E) "Raw" means that in addition to the wet and wild sex, girls' butts get spanked beet red. F) "Uncut" is a description of the Rodney Blaster itself. G) "Raw" means that you get to see actual interviews with new girls, where they have to show the producer their sexual talents. H) "Uncut" means that Rodney has been let loose to act out his wildest fantasies. **A: The Answer, As you will see, is...All Of The Above!**

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