Dirty Masseuses

Released at: July 14, 2015 by Fantasy Massage
Nuru presents **Dirty Masseuses**, featuring six sexy scenes of massage parlor rendezvous. These masseuses like to get their payment upfront, then undress and caress their clients in the shower or bathtub. Once they're both squeaky clean, the masseuses make sure to work their new-age magic to get their clients to the happiest ending possible! **The Nuru Girl**: Joey comes for his regular appointment in soapy massage and is very excited to see Stephanie there as he has not seen there for a while. Stephanie tells him that she now works most of the time in Nuru massage and asks him to stop by for an exclusive massage experience. They had to the bathroom and start the massage with a soapy shower, Stephanie gets so turned on by Joey's sexy body that she gives him a blowjob right there. After some jacuzzi relaxation Stephanie uses her perfect slim body to slide on Joey and reach his climax right in her mouth. **Soapy Sailing**: Jake works on a big cruise ship as a manager and finally had a week off. When he is on the boat it seems like he is the only one not having a good time as he sees all the girls in their swimsuits drinking and partying with their boyfriends. Most of the ships' staff screws around but he just busts his ass for 7 days straight so that he can keep a good paying job and please the owners who just keep getting rich. Someone he knows that works on another cruise ship told him once about Soapy Massage and he was always curious. He gives them a call and headed over for an appointment. **Construction Work**: Evan is a construction worker who had hurt his shoulder while working on the job site, he is in a lot of pain and decides to visit soapy massage for some massage relief. Kim greets him at the door and as soon as she hears about his pain she rushes him to the shower. As Evan gets undressed Kim is amazed by his huge cock, she gets very horny, forgets her massage training, and decides to take care of Evan in a more effective way. **The French Guy**: Nick loves saving a buck. He wants a soapy massage although that never comes cheap so he has a scheme to pull one over Mia and get a good discount. In this episode, Nick practices his foreign accent, goes over his lines, and prepares to act as a foreigner with the sob story that he has just lost his wallet. Will he be able to pull off this cheeky idea? Nick is greatly underestimating Mia the soapy massage girl. Not only is she sexy, but she is very smart and it's a matter of time before she knows that he is fooling around with her. She will make him pay up for his little scam big time! **I Will Be Right Home**: From outside the soapy massage place, TJ calls his wife to let her know he will be 'working late'. He promises his wife to make it up to her, hangs up, and enters with a clean conscience for a quick 'massage'. He meets the hot busty blonde, Madison, at the door and thanks her for squeezing him into their tight schedule. She takes his credit card and they get right to business. After they get completely naked, Madison invites TJ to the shower. He prefers to do things a little quicker and ask her to start with the bathtub. Not long after soaping him up, Madison starts sucking his cock passionately in the bathtub and then on the air mattress until he shoot his load in her mouth. **Gold Medal Massage**: Upon arriving at Soapy Massage, John is greeted by Kianna, she invites him in and they talk on the sofa for a few minutes. John tell Kianna about his jewelry business and she smiles and offers him the different massage packages. He then talks about how great gold has been doing and hints at wanting a "golden shower" to help celebrate. Kianna giggles and says they don't do that at Soapy Massage but that the full combination package they have is even better than a golden shower and he will want to come back regularly.

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