Ebony & Ivory Muscle Magic

Released at: June 25, 2014 by Iron Belles
Both of these ladies have incredible peaks, full muscled bellies, and enjoy showing off and strutting what they have. Watch as they strike a pose for you and then worship each others' incredible physiques. Muscle Foxx and Naadia together for the first time in an awesome lift n carry session starting with calf raises leading to fireman carries, cradle lifts and some floor lifts of pelvic thrust lifts, pec lifting similar to benching shown two different ways. Naadia also lifts 180 lbs. Muscle Foxx in firemans carry and cradle, these women are really strong and love to show off their muscles n strength! Then it's arm wrestling down on the mats in some very heavy competition! Finally Naadia gives Jennifer one of her special Muscle pleasures down under!

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