Eye Contact 2

Released at: February 13, 2001 by Homegrown Video
First-person camera work makes you feel like you are there as you see these beautiful babes fucking hard for the camera! Diamond is an Amazon who came by the office for an interview and ended up smoking a joint - my joint, that is! She has big ass titties that I loved putting my hands on. I put her over my desk and fucked her hard from behind! Maxine is pretty and pierced and has big natural boobs. She wants to work in an adult video store. I gave her a very intimate introduction to the jizz biz by coming all over her milky white mounds and neck. Daphne is a total cupcake! What a rare and beautiful treat to pop my hard cock in her wet mouth. She is so innocent looking but has a wonderfully dirty mind and loves nasty fuck talk! Belinda Blue was going to do her first scene with Ed Powers but thought it would be more fun to fuck me. I am truly honored, so I gave her the gift of my goo after fucking her raucously. Sunny Daze is 19 and is a cute little surfer chick from San Diego. As I work my hard dick in and out of her sexy mouth, Daphne plays with my balls and helps me spew all over Sunny. Sandy is a little older and a lot bolder. She obviously loves being on camera as she looks right at the camera and begs for a nutbutter blast. You will love this horny wench when she begs "shoot, shoot"!

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