Fake Agent Presents - Aurelly and Keera

Released at: July 2, 2014 by Fake Agent Clips
The fake agent has hit the mother-load, and he knows it. As soon as they walked in, he knew that he had a rather unique, and potentially promising situation! "These two girls give me an instant boner when they walked into my office. They both looked like they were hiding amazing bodies underneath their clothes... They are from Russia and they sent me a message saying that they would like to do some work in the adult industry because they couldn't get any well paid jobs and that they really enjoyed sex. I told them that I could get them lots of well paid jobs and they were putty in my hands. For a moment I thought that I might be able to have a threesome with these girls but it turns out that Aurelly doesn't feel comfortable having sex with her friend present. So I was a little upset we couldn't continue with both girls but after I had an amazing blowjob off the two Keera left while me and Aurelly continued. We had great sex and I spunked up her pussy. Result, I still had some lead in my pencil for Keera so she was coming back for me to give her one as well. Keera will be coming up very shortly." ? The Agent

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